Customer Reviews

Bill  E--, Washington

"After researching a number of DIY solar kits from several companies I purchased Total Solars' RV6000 portable solar kit as a backup system for our well and our cabin. We have put the system to the test several times and it's always ready. I would also recommend adding the nano coating to the solar panels, it really helps to keep pollen and dust from sticking and diminishing the light (they still look brand new and I installed them in 2015 and it's now 2020). I've been very happy with the system and just purchased the expansion kit for it. Their customer service is excellent and they really care about providing quality products and customer satisfaction. Jeannie is very knowledgeable about the different options when placing your order and Roger, Austin and Allen were all able to answer any and all technical questions and will guide you thru the steps. Both times I received my equipment there were some signs of minor damage to the crates during shipping but the crates were so well designed and sturdy that the products inside were well protected. Total Solar has very competitive prices and top quality products for Home Owners and DIY'ers."


Marilyn - Winfield, Missouri

"Happy 4th of July! I wanted to give you an update on the system that we purchased from you 3 or 4 years ago. I forget the exact date. But since we purchased this we have used it every single day. We board dogs for a living and it powers all our fans and the heating in the winter. We purchased your smallest unit (5300) and added 2 more solar panels to it. When we lose power from a storm at our home (which is right by the kennels) we just add an extension cord and run it to the house and it powers the tv, 3 lights and the coffee maker until power comes back on. I can't tell you how much we love this unit. We recently built a third building for more dog boarding and are now saving to purchase a second unit from you for that building. Anyway, we thought we would let you know how happy we are with your products!"

Mike - Miami, Florida

"I had been researching portable solar power generators for about 2 years before I decided on the SolarMax 6000RV system by Total Solar Technologies. Although most of the different companies I checked were reputable companies their advertising was a little misleading when it came to what they could power and for how long. The first thing I noticed when my unit arrived was how well it was packaged. The unit and the solar panels were in perfect condition, not a scratch. My unit came with 6 deep cycle batteries and 6 solar panels, and is wired for 110 volts and 220 volts with 30 amps. If I budget my electric use I can pretty much run all the essentials in my home. I didn’t purchase my unit for everyday use, but for a just in case scenario. One more thing I would like to mention and that is the customer service. Roger, Jeannie, and the team have always been available by phone for any questions or advice I needed."

Clyde - Kansas

To Whom it may concern.  My name is Clyde and I live in _____ , Kansas. In 2015, I engaged with Total Solar for a backup system. The system available at that time was a three batteries / three solar panel system managed by a Pure Sine Wave inverter with battery charger. I worked with Jeannie through the entire process and was pleased with the system. However, after several months, I realized that I needed to add additional batteries to provide longer backup potential. I worked with Roger on the specifics of how the additional batteries would be wired within the box container and connecting to the existing batteries and electronics. Jeannie handled the sales side. The equipment arrived safely, the system was upgraded and I continued to be satisfied with the system.

Jump ahead five years. I have reached out to Jeannie concerning purchasing additional panels to provide a quicker charge on the system as well as provide additional power during sunlight hours of the day. Jeannie again provided tremendous help. She also managed several conference calls including Roger to insure I had everything that I needed. Roger continues to amaze me with his understanding of anything solar!

One final note is most important as that I received specific instructions on how to care for my system when it was initially purchased in 2015. I was told how often to recharge the batteries and about the care of my panels. I followed Roger’s instructions and continue to insure the batteries are kept charged at least every other month although most times the batteries are ‘topped off’ every month. I performed a multi-meter check of the batteries per Roger’s instructions in August 2019 and the batteries are still in peak condition. This speaks highly of the quality of the equipment offered by Total Solar.

My next upgrade includes building a six panel rack that will permanently hold the panels next to the house to constantly keep the batteries at full potential. I also plan to include another six batteries in the system configuration to provide even more backup capacity.


Jay - South Carolina

"Best damn good piece of solar equipment I have bought and I have bought a lot of it over the years. I wanted something for EMP protection and your outfit was the only one. I am pleased that everything else about it was so good. I will be buying more in the future. Keep up the good work."

Scott - Gainsville, Florida

"Just wanted to tell people about how great your customer service is. When the unit was damaged in shipping, incredibly, Total Solar flew a technician out to Florida from Idaho who fixed and replaced everything good as new. The customer service is outstanding. The unit is much bigger and better than what I expected and what is also great it is truly plug and play, something my wife really likes."


Bobbie - Belize, Central America

"We bought some property in Belize to turn into a small vacation resort but there was no electricity to it. We turned to a friend who is very knowledgable about solar energy and he insisted we use your equipment as he considred it the best equipment for the price. (He had previously purchased equipment from you.) We bought a customized medium solar house kit and our friend installed it for us. The help and support we got from you was wonderful. We are so happy and it works perfectly. Our little paradise on the caye is power by Total Solar Technologies."


Scott - Practical Preppers

"Roger, Just wanted to write a word about how great your systems are. I sold a competitor's equipment for a while but, then I started losing potential customers because they would look on the internet and find your equipment and buy yours. So I started investigating. It was easy to see why. Better quality, more power, faster recharge rates, EMP casing, and it was less expensive. And, the customer service was terrific even after the sale.

I now sell your equipment and have nothing but very happy, satisfied customers. You make me look good.

Thanks for everything."


Bill - Las Vegas Nevada

"I would like to tell you about my experience with Total Solar.

First their products are priced less then the rest and they offer great quality.

Secondly, I wanted a custom system and they got their engineer involved and made it happen. Most other places don't offer any changes but at Total Solar they work with you to get you what you need.

When I had questions or wanted more products, the customer service really cared about me and went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. The solar systems work great and are professionally built with quality, no short cuts on wiring things together. They are very knowledgeable and offer great pricing. I would highly recommend purchasing all your solar needs from Total Solar.

Sincerely, a very satisfied customer."


John- Colorado 

I'd really like to thank the people at Total Solar for helping us out on our trip.  Our solar panel went out on our RV which was a problem as we were dry camping by Yellowstone National Park.  We stopped in their store in Rigby, Idaho where one of their tech guys (Daniel) immediately came out and trouble shot our problem.  He was able to determine it was the cables too close to each other that was shorting out the system.  We were set to buy another controller when he figured it out and saved us a lot of money on something we did not need.

You could go to Camping World or another big RV place and never get this kind of immediate personal attention. 

Thanks again all up in Idaho and hope to visit your area again soon!