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The Solar Max 6000 SR is our latest heavy duty portable solar generator capable of powering most household appliances and home tools. The 6000 watt pure sine wave inverter is split phase capable at 110/220vac and is capable of an 18,000 watt surge for 20 seconds to start those well pumps and HVAC Systems

This inverter is powered by 48V E4G batteries connected to the 48 volt hybrid inverter, capable of providing 10,200Wh of power (15,300Wh with the 6000 SR battery or full Expanded option).

The base system comes with six  265+ watt solar panels. Coated with our patented Nano Coating for increased efficiency (Twelve panels with the 6000 SR solar or full Expanded option) Housed a 48"x24" steel box attached to 8" solid rubber tires with a 1000 pound carrying capacity. The Solar Max 6000 more than packs in the power while still remaining portable.



-48V 6000W Pure Sign Split Phase Inverter with 18,000W, 20sec surge Capacity

-48V 25A Battery Charger for Charging from the Grid or a 120v Generator

-60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

-48v, 10.2 or 15.3kWh Lithium Battery bank that can operate from 32F-120F with a cold weather hardening option for an operating temperature range of 0F-120F

-X6   265W+  Nano Coated Solar Panels for over 1500W of solar per hour (upgrade to the solar or full expansion option for x12 panels peaking at over 3,000W of solar power per hour)

-100 Ft Solar Cables to run from your solar panels to your solar generator box

-Steel 48"x24" Box on 8" Wheels for Durability and Portability

-15A 120V set of outlets

-30A RV outlet

-50A 240V outlet

-1 Year Warranty (Note: Many parts of the system have additional 2-10 year manufacture warranties) 


Nano Coating included with your Solar Panels for up to 35% higher Efficiency, Click here to learn More.  


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