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The Solar Maxx 6,000-10/12 Expanded Lithium is an incredible buy. A heavy duty portable solar generator capable of powering most household appliances and home tools. The 6,000 watt pure sine wave inverter is split phase capable at 110/220vac and is capable of an 18,000 watt surge for 20 seconds.
As a pure sine wave inverter it's capable of powering computers, running CPAP machines, professional audio/video equipment or tools with a variable speed capability and other equipment at or less than 6000 watts like most fridges, freezers, TV's, furnace blower motors, some well pumps

This inverter is powered by a 24v, 12kWh Lithium LiFePo4 battery pack connected in to the 24 volt inverter. 

This system comes with twelve 265w+ watt for over 3000 watts of "full sun" power per hour.   This could power a small house or cabin. 

Housed in a heavy duty steel box attached with all terrain solid rubber tires,  The Solar Max 6000-10/12 expanded Lithium more than packs in the power while still remaining portable.



-24V 6,000W Pure Sign Split Phase Inverter with 18,000W, 20sec surge Capacity

-x2 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

-24V, 12kWh heated Lithium Battery bank for an operating temperature range of 10F-110F

-X12   265W+ Solar Panels over 3,000W of solar per hour

-Solar Cables to run from your solar panels to your solar generator box

-30A RV Plug

-30A 220 Plug

-15A power strip

-Steel 60"x24" Box on 8" Wheels for Durability and Portability 60"x24"x33"

-1 Year Warranty (Note Many parts of the system have additional 2-20 year manufacture warranties) 

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