Large Server Rack Solar House Kit

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Product comes with:


X6 Server Rack Batteries Inside an enclosed cabinet (30.2kWh Total).

X2 6kW Hybrid Inverter Stackable (120/240 split phase) (12kW continuous power from batteries).  Expandable---just keep adding additional 6kW inverters up to 36.kW of inverter power.  

X24 Solar Panels (265W+) over 7,500W per hour of direct sun.  Expandable---just keep adding more solar panels along with either more hybrid inverters above, or solar charge controllers and combiner boxes. 

X2 Combiner Box, pre wired with breakers

X1 Wiring for Batteries to Inverter

X1 Wiring for panels to combiner box (mounted next to solar panels)

X1 Wiring combiner box to Charge Controller


Add Nano Coating to your Solar Panels for up to 35% higher Efficiency, Click here to learn More.  

Note: A common upgrade to this system is to add an additional one or two additional inverters to this system for additional power output


More Specs:

6kW hybrid Inverter: Click Here

Server Rack Battery: Click Here

Solar Panels: Click Here


For The Manuals Please use the following links:


-Inverter Manual 

-Server Rack Battery Manual

*Note Images are for reference and do not necessarily reflect exactly what your installed kit will look like.