3000W 24v Solar Inverter Charger

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  • All-in-one solar charge inverter: 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Combined with 60A MPPT solar Charging and 40A AC battery charging ,you can enjoy the stable power from the sun and the utility grid to keep you powered under any circumstances.

  • Four charging modes: AC Priority, Solar Priority ,Only Solar and Mains & Solar hybrid charging, Designed with LCD/LED dynamic display of system data and operating status.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply: If main/generator disconnected or the solar charging insufficient, the Inverter Charger takes over the battery supply to the alternative option within 10ms, which will not let your electronics shut down.

  • Battery type: 24V AGM/Sealed, Gel, Flooded, Lithium batteries and a User Mode for custom inputs to work with virtually all battery types.

  • Reliable protection: including short circuit protection, over voltage and under voltage, protection, overload protection, reverse protection, etc.

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