2000W Wind Turbine Kit

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Missouri Freedom 24 Volt 2000 Watt Wind Turbine and VRD Classic MPPT Kit

The Midnite Classic MPPT Wind Board can almost double your wind turbine's output at every wind speed over relay or PWM charge controllers. The incoming power from the wind turbine is routed through its own breaker, then converted by one of the most advanced MPPT charge controllers on the market to the most efficient charging algorithm and charging amperage available.

This all-in-one pre-wired board connects to your battery bank, routed through a DC circuit breaker for added security and fire protection! This step is often neglected and is essential for installing to code.

Ideal for charging lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries! (Compatible with LiFePO4, flooded lead acid, and AGM battery types).

Kit Includes:

  • 24 Volt 2000 Watt Freedom Wind Turbine featuring three Missouri Falcon blades
  • 125 Feet 12/6 SJOO Cable
  • All in One Pre-Wired Missouri VRD Midnite Classic Charge Controller Board


  • MidNite Solar MPPT
    • The Midnite Classic MPPT Charge controller can nearly double the output of your wind turbine over standard or PWM charge controllers by using a 16 point customization MPPT power curve. It's like having a sports car with 16 automatic gear changes to get you the most power at any speed!
  • Heavy-gauge galvanized steel mounting board with folded standoffs and pre-punched wall mounting holes
  • Two breaker boxes boxes pre-wired with the wind input breaker and battery output breaker
    • Breaker box houses a MidNite 100 amp double pole breaker on the battery side of the controller for safety that also serves as a convenient disconnect and one 150 volt MidNite PV breaker for the wind turbine input that also serves as a convenient separate wind turbine disconnect.
  • Dual Wind Turbine Brake Switch and Dual Rectifiers
  • Wiring is housed in electrical EMT conduit
  • Plug and play: Simply bolt or screw the unit into the wall and make your wind turbine and battery bank connections (no crimping or heat shrink needed, just insert and tighten down)
    • Two 8 foot heavy-duty pre-wired #4 gauge flexible battery cables with lugged & heat shrink sealed battery ends
  • MidNite Solar's pre-wired battery temperature sensor ensures batteries do not overheat in charging cycle (peel the tape and stick to one of your batteries)